Leslie D. Stuart

Author, Executive Editor & Enterprising Business Woman

Soar like an Eagle

For nearly two decades, Leslie Stuart has been editing manuscripts. In January 2006, she officially opened Destiny Rose Editorial Services. Her determination to learn and improve never wavered. Mastering business management skills was a driving force, bringing the courage to conquer bigger challenges.

The decision to open a small press publishing company with global distribution rights was scary and thrilling, but rewarding. Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC successfully acquired contracted authors who Leslie loved working with.

Prior to 2020's economic and social upheaval, she supervised a team of editors and managed a dozen contracted authors. The world drastically changed. Authors faced tough decisions. Their family's financial security came first.

Although smaller now, Destiny Whispers Publishing remains an essential cornerstone of Leslie's career.

Leslie D. Stuart the executive editor and project manager for Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC
Leslie D. Stuart the executive editor and project manager for Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC

Why are eagles important? Leslie's home office in Oro Valley, Arizona sits atop a ridge where migrating golden eagles often soar the skies and perch to overlook the countryside.

The majestic birds are inspiring. Their strength, fortitude, and independence are qualities Leslie has spent years fostering within herself.

Leslie is happily married with two (spoiled!) little dogs as co-workers. She loves roses and nurtures 32 robust bushes that bloom nearly year-round. She also tends the wildlife, feeding a thriving flock of wild doves and quail.

And a big pigeon named Tony Soprano. The Boss arrived one day and never left.

If You are LUCKY

Joshua dreams of danger. Tristan seeks truth. Madison is armed and ready. Together they are determined to protect Solaris. But desperate people have a dangerous secret. A priceless ruby holds the truth.

If you are lucky, Life gives you one true friend. Or three...

When Joshua Archer dreams of danger, the telepathic Guardian is sent cross-country with his sister Madison on a quest to change Fate. Arriving in California, the wildlife photographer they are honor-bound to protect is surrounded by dark secrets. Tristan's love is gone. Even her brother Wyatt can’t be trusted.

Someone has the Heart Stone, a ruby necklace with a story to tell. It is a story both beautiful and damning, a tale of murder and deception. A story of love.

Solaris held it in her hand, just once.

RELEASED 2017 / revised from "Touched By Sunlight" published 2/2014

Treasured Lives

The Story of Raymond & Billie Ruth Weddle Rhodes

Memories of Charles Raymond Rhodes and his life with Billie Ruth Weddle Rhodes as told by people who loved him. This is an abridged version of the life of Charles Raymond Rhodes. The complete story would take volumes.

"When a man's stories are remembered, then he is immortal." -- from "Big Fish"

Our story begins on the evening of March 2, 1929 in Ft. Thomas Arizona. But if you asked Raymond he would want the story to start many years before that. You see, he was very proud of his family heritage and wanted his children and grandchildren to know their past.

Released 12/20/2019 in full color and B/W books

All proceeds to benefit:

The Raymond Rhodes Memorial Geology Scholarship at Eastern Arizona College

Treasures Lives, the biography of Raymond & Billie Ruth Rhodes by Leslie Stuart and Ned Rhodes
Treasures Lives, the biography of Raymond & Billie Ruth Rhodes by Leslie Stuart and Ned Rhodes

Roses in Winter

AN EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF LOVE. Riley Rosemont loved Savannah Graystone from the moment she was born. Life in the icy Montana mountains was hard, but her love kept him strong.

Riley vowed to marry that beautiful talented woman and listen to her play that grand piano until he was old and gray.

Life had other plans. It took the musical prodigy far away. She lived another life. But two precious moments stole everything good.

Now the music inside her heart is gone. She wants to curl up in a dark corner and fade away.

Savannah Graystone is coming home, all alone.

Snow falls, bitter and cold. Savannah reaches for the door to Graystone Heights, her childhood home. The ski lodge has been deserted for years. It's a perfect place to let go. Forever.

But behind her, a dog growls. She isn't alone anymore.

Hearts are broken. Lives destroyed. Dangerously fevered, Savannah is shattered, body and soul.

Can Riley save her? Does he even want to? There is no forgiveness in his heart. They need a miracle.


First Edition: 2011

An Extraordinary Journey of Love