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Destiny Rose Editorial Services


We offer our clients professional manuscript editing and high-quality affordable solutions for the modern independent author. We are experienced, polite, and caring with services designed to fit your needs. Diamond in the rough? Hire an editor today!

Destiny Rose Editorial Services is a sister company
to Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC.

We are freelance client-oriented editors only. We do not consider manuscripts for publication. (See submissions page.) Our services are intended to benefit self-published independent authors who want to take charge of their career.

Leslie Stuart, the Executive Editor leads a team of copy editors who offer manuscript editing on all levels. Only pay for what you need. We can implement developmental changes, enhance structural revisions, or simply improve flow, emotional depth, and sentence clarity.

Professional, Precise, Polite.
Follows Chicago of Style guidelines.
Can use AP guidelines, if requested.

We honor your hard work as an author and take pride in communicating our editorial suggestions with respect, being mindful of your creative vision, unique voice, and personal style. Your editor can be your greatest asset on the road to success!


Your first draft manuscript is done! Congratulations!

Often, that initial creative burst of writing energy feels like a lightning strike. It illuminates your mind and electrifies your world until every last word gets written.

Now, let's tame that wild raw story, harness the power and potential within and make everything stronger.


The first draft and development revisions are done. You're really happy with your manuscript. But let's be honest. It's still rough around the edges and needs some TLC and shine.

This comprehensive copy edit digs deep looking at every sentence. Your story deserves a professional edit. Now, let's go line by line and polish that baby up!


You're almost there! So close to publishing time, but don't let small errors bring bad reviews.

For meticulously self-edited manuscripts that only need a single proofreading to check for small punctuation, spelling, minor formatting, and word use errors.

Let's get it PERFECT!


Our most comprehensive and complete editing package.

Includes three full evaluations.


This is a special TLC editorial polish with light revisions, especially for previously published manuscripts that could use a gentle, loving make-over.

Includes TWO readings.

There are no major storylines, plot events, or character changes. We simply clean it up with care and respect.

Let your novel shine like a Superstar!


Very Important PLEASE READ!!

We do not accept extreme horror, barbaric or cruel erotica, excessive brutality, or explicit situations with minors. We do not edit work containing hate crimes, crimes against children, cruelty to animals or overt prejudice acts of any kind.
Thank you!


Unsure what your manuscript needs? Questions? Please complete our contact form. We will evaluate your needs and email you with editorial solutions, answers, and suggestions.

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If you choose to hire us, we will request a clean copy of your manuscript on MS Word format. All edits will be conducted using Microsoft Word tracking and review. If you do not know how to use this, we will show you. Google Docs can also use this feature.

Thank you for considering Destiny Rose Editorial Services. We appreciate your time.